How to: Navigate the Dashboard

Learn how to move around the freshOps dashboard and what all these bells and whistle actually do.

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Get Started with the Navigation Menu

Across the very top of the freshOps app, is the Menu which is consistent across all pages of freshOps. Here you can access your Calendar, Clients, Employees, Task Templates, & Reports.

Built into the menu is our dynamic search, which is a great way to quickly access a page. Type a Site Name for example and we’ll surface any Clients, Sites or Visits related to that search.

Settings Menu

As we continue across to the right hand side, you’ll find the Settings Menu.


The Dashboard lives on our homepage. So it should always open up first when you login. Once you have navigated away from the dashboard, you can access it quickly by clicking the freshOps Cog in the top left hand side of the App at any time.

When we take a closer look at the Dashboard, we have 4 Sections.

Creation Buttons, Today’s Visits, Shift And Visit Actions, and the Activity Feed

New Buttons

Our New Buttons on the left here are used to help you setup a Clients Site.  You’ll see as I click the New Client Button, there is an option marked here that says “Take me to create a Site”. All these New Buttons, have this option marked by default, and it is aimed at guiding you through the complete setup of a Client.

Once you create a Client, we take you to create a site, once that is done, we take you to create the visit schedule, then the task list and onto creating employees and allocating them to the site.

So this is the best place to get started trialing freshOps. Setting up a Client completely from the Client, to the Site, to the Visit Schedule, to the Task List to the Team members who will perform the work.

This actually mimicks how clients come into your business. 

Today's Visits

Today’s Visits Displays the Status of all of Today’s Visits and any Incomplete Visits from the past. So you can see any Visits In-Progress, any that are Late, Upcoming or Completed and a simple hover of you mouse displays which Visits have these Statuses.  A click on any of the Visits take you to the Visit Detail Page with more detailed Information.

Activity Log

The Activity Log, as the name suggests feeds in activity from the field into a timeline, so you can quickly access recent current activity of your team. Clicking on any of the Shifts here will also take you to the Visit Detail Page

Shift & Visit Action Pages

The Shift and Visit Actions are links to pages that require your attention. So you can quickly View and Allocate and Unallocated Visits, Review any Late Shifts and Update them as required, Approve & Review Completed Shifts and Extend and Expiring Visits Schedules.

That’s a quick overview of how to navigate around freshOps, if you have any further questions visit 

Our help centre which you can find up in the Admin Menu or at 

Start a conversation with our InApp Support within freshOps 

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