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Allocating Supervisors and Enabling their Alerts
Allocating Supervisors and Enabling their Alerts

Allocate a Supervisor to an Team Member and Enable Alerts

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Supervisors often just need to see only their Team within freshOps and it's the Supervisor's who often need to be alerted if a Team Member is Late, Over-run their shift or not completed a Critical Task.

So how do we allocate a Supervisor to a team member?

Firstly, ensure you've added the Supervisor into freshOps as a team member and Include their Email Address.

The. to assign Alerts to them navigate to your Profile Menu and select Manage Notifications.

Now those alerts rather than spamming the Admin Email Address, they will go to the specific Supervisor's Inboxes.

Supervisors within freshOps are there purely for managing where the alerts go, and are related to Employees rather than Sites.

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