Mobile App Users GPS Location Tracking Concerns
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If you have concerns about turning on the freshOps GPS tracking feature, check this out:

When are my locations being tracked?

Your locations are only tracked when you Check-In & Out. GPS is turned off when you are on a Break, have Checked-Out  or Signed Out of the App.

How much of my phone's data plan is being used?

You may have this concern if you do not have an unlimited data plan.

Compared to apps like Facebook, the GPS feature uses a tiny amount of data. The exact amount of data used depends on how often you Check-In or Out.

How much of my battery power is being used?

Since freshOps does not run continuously, it uses a tiny amount of your mobile device's battery power. The exact amount varies by:

  • Device 

  • How often you take action within the Application

How do I determine the freshOps app's exact usage of data and battery on my device?

Go to:

Android: Tap SettingsAPPS Application manager.

iOS: Tap SettingsData or Battery.

Scroll down to freshOps. If freshOps does not appear in the apps list, it is using less than 1% of the device's battery power.

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