Minimum Operating System & Hardware Requirements: 

Operating Systems Supported:

Device must run iOS or Android Operating System

Supported Operating System Version:

iOS 9 or Newer and Android 4.0.3 or Newer 

Minimum Hardware Requirement:

Forward Facing Auto Focus Camera.

Some Devices that don't have NFC are rely on QR Codes may also not be supported due to the factor the use unpopular/uncommon QR Code Libraries. These include some HTC and LG Devices.

If you are an Android User and unsure if NFC hardware is available on your device, visit here.

GPS Check-Ins

Using the GPS feature in freshOps relies on having a device with suitable GPS Hardware. GPS Requires a lot of computing power to provide quick and accurate GPS Locations.

GPS Check-Ins are usually not an issue on iOS Devices, as they are generally all built with the same GPS Specifications.

Android Devices vary by manufacturer, cost, and hardware. Due to the varying nature, we can't guarantee the GPS Location will be accurately reported or verified on all devices. Low end phones are often built with the absolute minimal hardware requirements to operate.

If your team are having issues with GPS Check-In in freshOps, we suggest changing the Check-In type to a freshOps Tags or Simple Check-In. The Simple Check-In still attempts to record the users GPS Location if they gave those permissions to the Mobile App upon installation. However, we just don't stop them if they aren't within a suitable range of the GPS Location.

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