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How do we know if the freshOps Tag has been removed?
How do we know if the freshOps Tag has been removed?
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So one of the benefits of the NFC freshOps Tags are that they are low cost hardware to replace if required. So you if a freshOps Tag has been removed either by your team or vandals, the cost to get another on onsite is negligible.

However, what if a team member removed the tag to try and GAME their Time and Attendance. Well we've seen it happen, and we surface the data for you to be able to verify where the check-in or out occurred.

You'll find data around where the Check-In & Out occurred within a completed visit. GPS Location and a Background Snap Shot provide you with the necessary data, more so if you are suspicious of this activity.

We don't ever want to stop your team Checking In & Out as there may always be a reason for unexpected activity, but we provide the data for you to make your own assumptions.

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