Not Within An Acceptable Range.

Error Handling Message appeared saying "Not within an Acceptable Range"

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Often the latest mobile devices include power-saving features and modes that are aimed at extending your battery life and/or you may have unbeknown to you said no to critical permissions when installing the freshOps Apps.

Some things to check first are:

  1. Your permissions are ALL set to YES - See Managing Permissions

  2. Turn off any Power Saving Modes - great to extend battery life, however, hardware such as GPS and WIFI, is often slowed or even turned off, even though your phone's GPS is activated.

  3. Ensure you are outside too. Standing inside a huge building built of concrete & steel or in an underground basement, will greatly intefer with your phones ability to capture a GPS location. Try checking in, before you get into the building. While you can still see the sky.

  4. Most android devices all so have a range of settings around accuracy of the GPS. Toggling these on, ensures that they use more of the hardware on your phone to find a GPS quicker.

Failure for this to resolve your issue is to contact your employer and ask them to double check the freshOps Address against the Google Maps Address.

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